Hodling a Bored Ape? Play Tennis!
March 27, 2022
Omar Siddiqui

We are building a metaverse ecosystem around avatar-based gaming, starting with the Tennis Champs Genesis NFT drop and mobile game. There are a series of additional sports and action games such as Battle Champs already in production that will continue to build out the Champs ecosystem and add value to the Tennis Champs Genesis NFTs.

Today, we are taking a huge step towards an inclusive games metaverse by announcing our first NFT integration with an amazing project that we all love and admire: Bored Ape Yatch Club. Wallets owning both a Tennis Champ Genesis NFT and a Bored Ape will be able to verify their ownership and use their Bored Ape to play tennis in our upcoming Tennis Champs mobile game and other future Champs titles.

Even more exciting, these holders will be able to access all the premium gameplay, $JRX rewards, and other goodies we are implementing in our Champs games with both their Tennis Champ and their Bored Ape.

Playing tennis with Bored Apes is only our first step. We will be bringing other top tier collections to this universe with purpose and context. We know that owners want to do stuff with their PFPs, and we want to build the most extensive collection of relevant Champs mobile games and experiences for these NFTs.

Here are some more details:

How do I get access to Tennis Champs NFTs?
If you are a Bored Ape owner, simply click through here to Premint, verify your ownership, and enter our pre-sale whitelist raffle.

However, we only have a limited number of pre-sale spots available and if they are fully allocated, Bored Ape holders can get information about our March 29th public sale on OpenSea through our website and in Discord.

In addition, any Bored Ape holder who buys a Tennis Champ either from our pre-sale or public mint becomes eligible for a raffle to be one of the first 100 Bored Apes that we will bring into the Champs universe. If you’re impatient to test out your backhand in the Tennis Champs mobile game when it launches into beta, get your Tennis Champ now!

How are you producing all this art?
We have built extensive 3D free-to-play games over the past decade that have required tens of thousands of unique, custom assets.  Our expertise with scaled art pipelines means that we will be able to produce 3D Bored Apes with the permission of their owners for use in the Tennis Champs game and in future across other Champs titles. In addition, we are collaborating with blue chip projects that are already developing 3D models of their characters for the use of NFT owners which will further facilitate integrations.

When exactly is all this happening?

We aren’t making theoretical announcements that will happen in years to come. The Tennis Champs Genesis drop is on 3/29/2022.  The mobile game has already been publicly alpha tested last summer and it will be launching into public beta on iOS and Android by early May. If you are one of the lucky 100 winners, you’ll be serving it up with your Bored Ape within a few months!

How do I get more info?

Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates. Stay tuned for more!