Games with characters and stories that will stick with you. New takes on familiar RPG and casual games.

All built with passion and imagination for where we'll go together from here!

The Super Champs Universe is an animated multiverse featuring the world's premier super athletes. Super Champs leap, fly, and morph their way to victory. You’ll see them with lasers, flamethrowers, and battle axes, not a boring old tennis racket. Their skills are matched only by their larger-than-life personalities.

Super Champs: Racket Rampage is the first game of the Super Champs Universe, featuring the cutest and wackiest little champion tennis players around. Play a tense match on top of a cloud with a frying pan for a racket. Chase down an overhead smash courtesy of a customized jet-pack. Tennis will never be the same.

Super Champs: Bullet League is the newest addition to the Champs Universe. With gravity-defying gunplay, Super Champs characters, and unique weapon abilities, this real time Battle Royale shooter has the Super Champs competing for the top combat prize in the academy.
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World Casual Games

The World Casual Games franchise is our suite of casual mobile games built for those moments when you are looking to relax, sharpen your mind, test your skills against other players ... or all of the above! All of the classics -- Billiards, Solitaire, Blackjack, Darts -- plus a few surprises and more to come!
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