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Our platform for mobile games is used by both our internal and partner studios. It provides all the tools needed  to build, publish, and scale games on iOS, Android, and Unity.



Game Development

The Joyride games platform is built on infrastructure used to operate top grossing mobile titles with tens of millions of users for over a decade. As a partner developer, get the proven tools you need to operate at scale without years of proprietary development and numerous software integrations.
Developer SDKs
IP/ Brand
PvP metagame
Virality / Growth
Social / Leaderboard


Publishing • Community

We provide the game and social features that help build engaging audiences, and use our multi-channel growth features to grow the audience. Our Live Operations dashboard allows developers to manage their games 24 hours a day, using all the off the shelf features build into the platform, A/B test different configurations for optimum results, and manage customer support tickets, all from one place.
Community Engagement
Growth / Marketing
Rewards Infrastructure
Live Operations
A/B Testing
Customer Support
Server Operations


Web 3 • Blockchain

Integrate the Joyride Wallet and allow your players to experience cutting edge blockchain features right within the game. With these features built into our games platform for iOS, Android, and Unity, you can be in-market with playable NFT's and tokens in just a few days. Best of all, player on-boarding and compliance is entirely handled by Joyride, allowing you to focus on building a great game experience!
Platform Player Network (5m+)
Mobile Wallet
NFT Minting
Marketplace / Exchanges
Regulatory Compliance
Developer Docs
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