Tennis Champs
Genesis Series

The Tennis Champs Genesis Series on Ethereum is just the beginning. By purchasing a Genesis Series NFT, you are taking the plunge into a rich, new web3 metaverse and exciting new game. Being one of the first to plunge in will certainly have its privileges!

Every NFT comes with a custom animated video clip and PFP-optimized image of your Tennis Champs avatar so that you can proudly display your elite status everywhere!

And when the Tennis Champs 3D mobile game launches, you will be able to access premium opportunities to play using your Genesis NFT.

Presale: 3/28/2022, 9pm UTC, 5pm EST, 2pm PST
  • LIVE
Public Sale: 3/29/2022, 9pm UTC, 5pm EST, 2pm PST, on OpenSea
  • LIVE
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Genesis NFT Drop

Each blind bag has a Genesis Series NFT which unlocks a playable character in Tennis Champs.
There are a total of 3,333 unique Tennis Champs characters available for mint. Shortly after the public sale ends, the Tennis Champ you have in your blind bag will be randomly selected and revealed.
Tennis Champs Genesis Series NFTs

Genesis NFT Pre-Reveal

Tennis Champs Genesis Series Luxury Blind Bag
Only 5
Each pre-reveal Blind Bag contains a Tennis Champs Genesis NFT with a unique set of features. There are 16 different animation, face props, racket, expression, color, and character traits. Each trait such as character, animation, face prop, etc. also has multiple tiers of rarity, resulting in unique and epic combinations for you to own!
16 Animation Traits



16 Face Props


Face Props

16 Impressions



16 Different Rackets



16 different Colors



16 Different Characters




Unique Traits



Private Pre-sale Mint: 9pm 3/28/2022 UTC
Public Mint: 9pm 3/29/2022 UTC

3,333 out of 3,333 Bags Available
Price: 0.80.079
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Key Details

The Drop
Total of 3,333 unique Tennis Champs characters.
Private Pre-Sale Mint
Starts at 9pm UTC 3/28/2022, 5pm EST, 2pm PST!
Public Mint
Starts at 9pm UTC 3/29/2022, 5pm EST, 2pm PST on Opensea
0.079 Eth
Minting Details
5 mints per transaction for public mint
Premium whitelist spot: maximum of 5 mints during pre-sale. whitelist spot: maximum of 3 mints during pre-sale
Blind Bags will be revealed to display actual avatars within 3 days of public mint selling out.

Tennis Champ Avatars

The Tennis Champs Genesis Series on Ethereum is the first batch of characters that will populate the Tennis Champs game in the Champs metaverse, earning these Tennis Champs a flaming crown to indicate their elite status. The Genesis series will be the only Tennis Champs to sport the flaming crown. 

Character Trait

Character Trait

‍Character Trait

Tennis Champs Mobile Game

The Tennis Champs mobile 3D game on iOS and Android is a competitive play and earn tennis experience, featuring multiplayer, synchronous action gaming and character-based metagame mechanics.

The real-time player vs. player tennis matches with swipes and serves creating drama and excitement has already been developed and publicly tested through an alpha launch in the summer of 2021. The beta version of the game, sporting the $RLY token and playable avatars, will be released in Q4 2022 (currently slated for late April).

More Details

Bring your NFT into the game

Owning a Genesis Series NFT provides you the corresponding avatar in our upcoming Tennis Champs game, each with its own distinctive personality and play style. Owning a Tennis Champ lets you access play-and-earn features and events, giving you the ability to earn $RLY as you play!

At the game’s beta launch, every Tennis Champs Genesis NFT allows players to engage in premium gameplay, ranging from token deathmatches to limited entry tournaments and similar multiplayer action.  As the beta progresses, we plan to add even more exciting role playing game features that allow for strategic NFT upgrades to keep the game fresh and exciting as it grows and evolves for years to come.

Tennis Champs NFT Launch

Track our upcoming key milestones here!

Q1 2022
  • 3,333 unique Genesis NFTs on Ethereum through presale and public sale.
Q2 2022
  • Tennis Champs iOS and Android games enter beta, starting with community.
  • VIP Champs Mint.
  • BoredApe integration into the Champs Universe.
  • Nouns integration into Champs Universe.
  • Additional Blue Chip project integration announced into the Champs Universe.
Q3 2022
  • Champs Litepaper published.
  • Tennis Champs Recruitment enters beta.
  • Tennis Champs Rentals enters beta.
Q4 2022
  • Tennis Champs iOS and Android mainnet launch.
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