Tennis Champs Genesis Mint
March 17, 2022
Omar Siddiqui

We are excited to announce that the Tennis Champs Genesis Public Mint will start at 9 pm UTC (5 pm Eastern Time) on 3/29 on OpenSea.  We have partnered with OpenSea for our public sale to ensure a transparent and exciting mint as we bring together a year’s worth of hard work with the launch of Tennis Champs!

The Tennis Champs Genesis collection includes 3,333 programmatically generated and unique 3D animated NFTs on Ethereum that will also be playable avatars in the Tennis Champs mobile game on iOS and Android.  The Genesis NFTs are going to be the only avatars in the game to ever sport the flaming gold crown, entitling the holder to be recognized as a true early supporter of the Tennis Champs universe. 

This collection is also the first example of NFTs for the Champs metaverse, beginning with a line of sports and action games already in production as this avatar-based world evolves and grows.  

The Tennis Champs mobile 3D game on iOS and Android is a competitive play and earn tennis experience, featuring multiplayer, synchronous action gaming and character-based metagame mechanics. The real-time player vs. player tennis gameplay has already been developed and publicly tested through an alpha launch in the summer of 2021. The beta version of the game, sporting the $JRX test-net token and playable avatars, will be released in Q2 2022 (currently slated for late April).

At the game’s beta launch, every Tennis Champs Genesis NFT allows players to engage in premium gameplay, ranging from token deathmatches to limited entry tournaments and similar multiplayer action.  As the beta progresses, we plan to add even more exciting role playing game features that allow for strategic NFT upgrades to keep the game fresh and exciting as it grows and evolves for years to come.

The Tennis Champs Genesis NFTs are priced at 0.079 Eth to encourage community adoption as collectables for long-term hodlers.  Every NFT includes a premium 3D video clip featuring a uniquely generated character and distinctive animation along with an optimized image for use as a PFP on all your favorite social media.  All NFTs will be purchased as blind bags with avatar reveals occurring within three days of the public mint selling out.

Prior to the public mint, there will be a short pre-sale for whitelisted users at the same price. For inclusion on the whitelist and additional mint details, join our Discord for more information or check out the mint page on our website.

We want to thank the Joyride community for invigorating our projects with your enthusiasm, energy, and ideas.  The positive vibes from all of you every single day have made all the hard work worthwhile and we can’t wait to dive into this next chapter of the Tennis Champs universe together with you!