Introducing our Starting Six Tennis Champs!
August 26, 2022
Omar Siddiqui

When we launched our Tennis Champs franchise, we knew we wanted to build a movement and not “just” NFT assets or “just” a game. The Tennis Champs live in a vibrant world with backstory, drama, and depth that will excite the millions of consumers we intend to touch with our work in the coming year.

Today, we are excited to start sharing their world with everyone by introducing the Starting Six! The Starting Six are the hero characters who will represent the Tennis Champs in creative projects to start us on this journey of building a durable and exciting creative franchise that rivals anything in web2 or web3.

Each day over the next week we will share a character profile for each of the Starting Six as a prelude to community initiatives that will add to the richness of the Tennis Champs universe. It’s an exciting time - stay tuned for more!