Groopies Are Coming To the Super Champs Universe
May 19, 2023
Michael Waite

Every sport has fans. But Super Champs fans are a totally different beast. They’re called Groopies and they think you’re the greatest Tennis Champs player that ever lived. 

They sit in the front row every game you play (literally). They root and cheer when you’re ahead. And burst into tears of panic if you fall behind. They give you awesome game loot, and they will defend your honor with everything they’ve got. 

Sure, they’re a tad unhinged. Total nutjobs if we’re being honest. But they’re your nutjobs. 

Yes, Groopies Are Adorable… But What Do They Actually DO?

Groopies are the only non-player characters on the court besides your Tennis Champ. They’re sort of like “pets” in online RPGs. They support your Tennis Champs heroes by spewing awesome loot while you play. Loot such as Tennis Bucks, Experience Points, Playstyle Shards, Gear items… even Tokens. 

They also cheer you on and jeer at your opponent’s Groopies (full disclosure: they’re known to throw things, spit food at each other, and make fart noises).

You can unlock up to 5 Groopie slots in your Gear Inventory through game progression; and you can equip any Groopie you want in any slot. This means you can focus on earning specific types of currencies and loot boxes, or mix ‘n match.

Most Groopies start out in the game as non-NFT reward items. You can earn them through Quests and level-ups. Then you can upgrade them through gameplay, and mint them as NFTs, which increases their loot output and allows them to be sold and purchased in the Marketplace. So in addition to all the game drama, Groopies serve as collectible NFTs.

What’s the Awesomest Groopie I Could Possibly Own?

Groopies have a wide variety of attributes affecting their in-game performance and NFT collectibility, such as…

So, to give you an example of a truly mind-blowing Groopie, picture a Legendary 5-Star Unicorn Groopie from Season 3 in the Casa de CrayCray Collection with a Pusher Playstyle that barfs Tokens while you play.

OMIGOD, How & When Can I Get One???

Groopies have not been added to the Tennis Champs game yet (which is currently in closed beta). But the little buggers ignored the product development schedule and took matters into their own hands. They are currently running a Superfan Sneak-A-Groopie Event to trumpet their cause, and are agitating for a Genesis Groopies mint for the community ahead of the game launch. You can get the details on the Sneak-A-Groopie Event here. or checkout the collection on Magic Eden. Stay tuned for info on the Groopie mint and other shenanigans.

In the game, Groopies will start to appear after the Gear feature set is rolled out and tuned (which starts May 2023). They’ll be distributed in the game as loot box rewards from game progression, and gradually make their way into the NFT Marketplace. It shouldn’t be too long before Groopies fill the courtside benches in every match, cheering for their favorite Super Champs, barfing up currencies, and wreaking havoc on the opposing fans. 

Any Final Notes or Caveats?

It should be noted that the Tennis Champs mobile game is still deep in game development, so everything above is subject to revision in response to community playtesting. Our top priority is to make sure the Tennis Champs game is insanely fun and fair. 

We should also note that the Groopies are totally uncontrollable little hooligans, and we can’t be held responsible if they moon you or eat everything in your refrigerator.