Tennis Champs FAQs


  1. What is Tennis Champs?
    A mobile game where you can play adorable tennis for fun, for glory, for Tennis Bucks, and even for cash! Match off against people around the world in real-time or asynchronous PvP.

Prizes and Payouts

  1. Can I win real money in Tennis Champs?
    Yes! You can enter matches for real money, and once you've won $25 or more, you will be able to withdraw your cash winnings. You can do so by selecting the Settings gear icon from the top right corner, and then tapping the Withdraw menu item. Enter your Paypal ID and email address to send a withdrawal request.
  2. How does Bonus Cash work?
    For every contest that you enter, 5% of the entry fee is deducted from your Bonus Cash. The rest is deducted from your Deposits first and then from your Winnings if necessary.
  3. What else can I win?
    Practice your skills and play Practice League to wager and win Tennis Bucks.
  4. How do I get paid?
    You can withdraw a minimum of 25 USD. The withdrawal will go to a PayPal account. You can easily create a PayPal account here.
  5. Can I use one Paypal ID to cash out winnings for multiple accounts?
    No. There must be a one-to-one relationship between your PayPal ID and your Tennis Champs account. Payout requests from PayPal IDs associated with more than one Tennis Champs account will not be processed.
  6. What if I don’t have PayPal?
    At the moment, you will need access to a PayPal account in order to get paid. But don’t worry - if you don’t have one right now, your winnings will stay safe and secure in your Tennis Champs account until you’re able to withdraw them.
  7. How long does it take for me to get paid?
    Typically we aim to get the cash in your hand within 5-7 days of the request. If your cashout request has been pending for over a week, please contact support via for an update.
  8. My transaction failed, what should I do?
    Do not worry you will not be charged for any failed transactions. If this is the first time this has happened try again. If this keeps happening contact support at or contact your bank to make sure the payment is not being blocked on their side.

The Game

  1. What can you do in Tennis Champs?
    You can play tennis matches for fun, for glory, for Tennis Bucks, and even for cash! We ensure a fair and balanced match by matching you with an opponent of the same skill level through our proprietary matchmaking algorithm.
  2. How do I play a game?
    We have different matches available in the app on the Playground and in the Contest tabs. Just choose the type of game you want to play, and wait for your opponent to appear! Remember, every opponent is matched up to ensure a comparable level of skill to you. Tennis Champs matches are played until one player has at least 7 points. For bot challenge matches, the player with the highest score wins.
  3. How are the matches in Tennis Champs scored?
    If you are familiar with tennis, Tennis Champs matches are a single game that uses set scoring and serving alternates every two points.
    In exact terms, to win a Tennis Champs match, you must have at least 7 points and have 2 more than your opponent. If your opponent has 6 points, you must win with 8. If your opponent scores while it’s 7-6, the score resets to 6-6.
  4. Why did it count as an out when I hit within the narrow side rectangles?
    Those side rectangles are called Doubles Tramlines. They’re an iconic part of a tennis court but are only used when playing doubles (2 versus 2) matches. For now, Tennis Champs matches are singles matches and so anything outside the singles sideline is considered out.
  5. What is the Practice League?
    Matches that take our specific virtual currency of Tennis Bucks. These Tennis Bucks can be earned via ads or level ups. If a real person can not be found in a reasonable time a bot of relatively same skill will be matched with you. Winner gets the Tennis Bucks.
  6. What is the Pro League?
    If you want to challenge yourself, join a Pro League game and wager real cash! We’ll match you with an opponent of comparable skill and you compete against each other to win the match and cash. The first player to at least 7 and with 2 more points wins!
  7. What is the Playground?
    Located in the bottom navigation menu, the Playground features a featured selection of all matches. You can go to the 'Contests' tab to check out the full roster!
  8. What is the Leader Board?
    This is a list of all the people world wide and how much cash they have won recently. It is a good way to check your progress against other people. Also being in the top 5 is a real accomplishment.
  9. Are there any games that are free to enter?
    No. The entry fee for games is either Cash or Tennis Bucks. You can always watch ads to earn Tennis Bucks!
  10. How do I add money to my wallet for cash games?
    Tap the wallet icon in the bottom bar, press the “add money” button on the deposit wallet, select the amount of money you want to put in, select a valid credit/debit card and voila. All transactions are 100% safe and secure.

Tennis Bucks

  1. What do Tennis Bucks do?
    In Tennis Champs, Tennis Bucks can be used as the entry fee for Practice League games.
  2. How do I get Tennis Bucks?
    There are a number of ways to get Tennis Bucks in Tennis Champs!
  1. Watch Ads! Tap on the Ads card in the Playground to watch an Ad. Each Ad watched fully will grant you 7 Tennis Bucks.
  2. Play games! There are always games in the Playground that you can join to win more Tennis Bucks.

Tech / Account Issues

  1. What can I do to minimize lag and freezing?
    Tennis Champs matches are best enjoyed while your device is stationary, fully charged, connected to strong wifi, and on the latest app version. We suggest checking your wifi connection, battery power, and app version prior to playing and connecting/charging/updating as needed prior to joining a match!
  2. My phone froze in the middle of the game. Can I get my entry fee back?
    No, once you join a game we cannot credit your entry fee back. Make sure you’re on a strong connection, not running background apps, and fully powered up before starting important games!
  3. I got banned…
    We take banning seriously, and only ban users for serious violations of our Terms of Service. Bans cannot be reversed. The most common reasons for banning are:
  1. Bot use
  2. Fake Tennis Bucks generation
  3. Inappropriate or hurtful behavior to the community
  4. Cheating, inappropriate, or unfair play
  5. Too many accounts on a single phone

Still have questions?

Our support team is eager to help! You can get in touch with them via email: