Darts Blitz FAQs


  1. What can you do on Darts Blitz?
    You can play Darts Blitz for fun, for glory, or for $RLY tokens. Find your friends to play together, or match off against strangers.
  2. Does Darts Blitz have social media?
    Yes! We're on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/joyride
    You can even follow us on Twitter at @onjoyride

Prizes and Payouts

  1. Can I win tokens on Darts Blitz?
    Yes! You can earn $RLY tokens by playing matches, and completing Challenges 
  2. What else can I win? 
    Practice your skills and play PvP to win coins & tickets. You can use coins to enter practice matches and tickets to play token matches.
  3. How do I get paid?
    Join our community on https://discord.gg/joyride and you will find the relevant guidelines.

The Game

  1. What can you do on Darts Blitz?
    You can play Darts Blitz for fun, for glory, for coins, and even for tokens!
    We ensure a fair and balanced match by matching you with an opponent of the same skill level through our proprietary matchmaking algorithm.
  2. How do I play a game?
    We have different match formats available in the app on the Playground and in the Contest tabs. Just choose the type of match you want to play, and wait for your opponent to appear! Remember, every opponent is matched up to ensure a comparable level of skill to you. You will each have 2 minutes to complete your match, and the player with the highest score wins.
  3. What is PvP?
    If you want to challenge yourself, join a PvP match! We’ll match you with an opponent of comparable skill.  You will compete against each other for the highest score. Whoever scores the highest, wins the match earning prizes!
  4. What is the Playground?
    Located in the bottom navigation menu, the Playground features a select list of all matches. You can go to the 'Contests' tab to check out the full roster!
  5. How do I score in the game?
    Aim of the game is to get as many perfect round as possible
    There are 9 rounds in the game, with three turns in each round
    A player has to hit the highlighted target 3 times in a row to get a perfect round
    First target gets you 50 points, second target gets you 100 points and third targets get you 150 points over the regular points
    For hitting the unhighlighted area a player gets regular points
  6. How the score is calculated in the game?
    Score is based on cumulative points earned in 27 turns in the game (9 rounds, 3 turns in each round)


  1. What do coins do?
    On Darts Blitz, Coins can be used as entry fee for different games
  2. How do I get coins?
    There are a number of ways to get coins on Darts Blitz!
  1. Watch Ads! Tap on your coins balance in the top menu, or scroll directly to the Ads card on the top carousel on the Playground to watch an Ad. Each Ad watched fully will grant you Coins
  2. Invite your friends to join Darts Blitz! During the registration process, new users can enter a referral code. If they enter your username as their referral code, you will both get extra Coins. If your friend forgot to enter a code during registration, they can go to their settings at any time, and select ‘Enter Referral Code’ to add a code. You can only enter a single referral code, but there is no limit to how many friends you can refer...so if you have hundreds of friends, you could get thousands of Coins! Invite away and make sure they use your username as their referral code!
  3. Play games! There are always games in the Playground that you can join to win more Coins.


  1. What are Challenges? 
    Challenges are a set of tasks that you need to complete before the timer runs out.
    Daily Challenges are to be completed in a day and Seasonal Challenges are week-long, or as stated on the timer.
  2. How many rewards do I get?
    Challenges have various levels and at every level you win different rewards like $RLY tokens, Coins, Tickets & Boosters
    Visit Challenges regularly to Claim your rewards


  1. What are Tickets?
    Tickets allow you to compete in Seasonal and Special events to win $RLY tokens
    Tickets get expired at the end of every season of Challenges
  2. How do I get tickets?
    Tickets are awarded at certain milestones when you complete Seasonal & Daily Challenges


  1. What are Boosters?
    Boosters are special rewards that are awarded after completing challenge milestones. They get activated only for a fixed time.
  2. What are the types of Booster rewards?
    XP Booster - Doubles up your XP gained when this booster is active
    Coin Booster - Double up all your coins winning when this booster is active

Tech / Account Issues

  1. What can I do to minimize lag and freezing?
    Darts Blitz’s games are best enjoyed while stationary, fully charged, connected to strong wifi, and on the latest app version. We suggest checking your wifi connection, battery power, and app version prior to playing and connecting/charging/updating as needed prior to joining a match!
  2. My phone froze in the middle of the game. Can I get my entry fee back?
    No, once you join a game we cannot credit your entry fee back. Make sure you’re on a strong connection, not running background apps, and fully powered up before starting important games!
  3. I got banned…
    We take banning seriously, and only ban users for serious violations of our Terms of Service. Bans cannot be reversed. The most common reasons for banning are:
    Bot use
    Fake coin generation
    Inappropriate or hurtful behavior to the community
    Cheating, inappropriate, or unfair play

Still have questions?

Our support team is eager to help! You can get in touch with them via email: help@onjoyride.com