Trickshot Blitz Launches Publicly
August 15, 2022
TJ Kim

We are excited to announce that Trickshot Blitz is now officially available in public beta on Flow main-net using the $RLY token! You can download it through the Apple App Store or Google Play in available geographies here.

Trickshot Blitz features classic pool gameplay mechanics with dynamic twists including tournaments, challenges, and daily rewards - all with web3 features like fungible tokens powering the gameplay and competitions. Most importantly, whether you play to relax or play to win, remember to have lots of fun!

If you would like to help us polish the game further and improve it, please join the community on Discord.

Please note that the app is not available in the US, Canada, UK, China, Russia, and a few other geographies. Don't worry, we will be coming to these other markets as soon as possible.

Any other questions? Reach out to us on Twitter, E-mail, or Discord.