The Super Champs Enter Bullet League
September 11, 2023
Omar Siddiqui

Today, we’re excited to welcome the Bullet League community to Joyride. We can officially confirm that we have acquired the Bullet League mobile game and will be continuing to build it out as the next title in our Super Champs universe.

Super Champs are characters living in an exciting world of superstar sports competition, jockeying to become the best at hyper-intense sports using their innate abilities and developed talents. Racket Rampage, the first multiplayer action role-playing game in our series (formerly Tennis Champs), is introducing this universe to mobile players with tennis-inspired arcade action. With Bullet League, we intend to expand the universe to feature paintball-inspired combat in custom arenas as the next game in our franchise.

Why Bullet League? The game has earned an engaged community over the past three years since its launch with 4 million+ players who have given it a loyal following and strong support with a 4.6+ rating on iOS with over 2k reviews. Most importantly, the distinctive multiplayer combat gameplay fits the template of smart, snappy, and unique multiplayer action games that we want to define the Super Champs franchise. 

We are partnering closely with Funday, the original creators of Bullet League, to keep building out the game together. We will be introducing new levels, game modes, and mechanics to add to the moment-to-moment joy from real-time combat. New characters and metagame features will make progression, collection, and strategy even more exciting for new and seasoned players. Finally, we will be extending Super Champs lore and updating the art of the game to bring it fully into our universe.

We are looking forward to collaborating with the Bullet League community as we start work on the game. We’re sure you have more questions; we’re happy to help in the Bullet League channel in our Super Champs Discord here. See you in the game!