Tennis Champs Beta is Open
August 29, 2022
TJ Kim

Congratulations, Tennis Champs Holders! We're excited to announce that Beta Access is open to all Genesis owners!  

When we launched Tennis Champs, we knew we wanted to build a game that would be a lot of fun to play and reflected the values we want for our community, as well. The Tennis Champs embody a commitment to personal excellence, a sense of camaraderie and collaborative spirit, and a delightfully quirky individuality that allows every Tennis Champ - and hopefully every community member - to be their best self.

Today, as we open up the beta, we are excited to start building with each of you. This is only the beginning. There are many exciting years ahead for our game to evolve and grow and surpass all of our expectations; and the best part is that we’ll all be on the journey together! Have fun playing and please report any and all bugs and ideas to us.

Information required from Beta Testers:

1. Fill out this Google form -> Beta Access

1. Android users - We will need your email address you used to login to your Google Play account (don't confuse it with the email you registered for your Joyride Wallet).

2. iOS users - Any email will work

Once Beta is Open, Do the Following:

1. Android Users

2. iOS Users

Beta Player Responsibilities:

1. Share any bugs that you encounter by creating a ticket on Discord or Email us with the subject: [Tennis Beta: Bug Report]

(PS - We are in beta, so expect to face some issues every now and then. We are working tirelessly to fix them. We’ll keep adding new features, and changing the game economy as we move toward a public launch)

2. Create content and share it on the #beta-playtest channel in Discord

3. Please remember that we are still in closed beta on testnet. The tokens that you earn DO NOT have any real world value. Once we move to the mainnet, all your currency balances will be reset

4. We welcome any kind of feedback, suggestions and ideas.

That's it! Have fun!