Racket Rampage Officially Enters Beta
January 29, 2024

We are proud to announce the successful rollout of Racket Rampage’s public beta globally for both the Apple App Store and Google Play. We are thrilled to share that, to the best of our knowledge, Racket Rampage stands as the first full-featured mobile web3 game (as opposed to a "light" hyper-casual experience) to launch on major app stores with full compliance and equipped with a dedicated team, robust backing, and an enthusiastic/supportive NFT holder community from our Genesis collection.

We are now poised for success: tens of millions of players enjoying the Super Champs universe across our games like Racket Rampage and Bullet League as well as our media efforts such as the Kigu video channels on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram

While we will be expanding the scope of tokens and NFTs in the Racket Rampage economy over time, our focus for the moment is to ensure that our Genesis holders continue to receive community, game, and ecosystem privileges for these pinnacle assets. To that end, we wanted to summarize the benefits for player accounts in the game with connected Genesis Champs that we will be rolling out as we launch on mainnet:

Keep in mind that all features in the game, including these planned benefits, are dynamic and subject to change; we’re on a journey together in building and evolving the game as an ongoing service.

Beyond these in-game benefits, we will continue to give Racket Rampage Genesis Champ holders a privileged place in the game community and in the broader Super Champs ecosystem as partners in building this franchise together. As our other games launch and start incorporating NFTs, please also look out for additional opportunities to participate in these new and exciting developments.

The journey is just starting, and we’re excited that you’re along with us for this amazing joyride! If you have any further questions, please follow us on Twitter or join us on Discord and we’ll be happy to address them.