Solitaire Blitz Beta Launch
March 1, 2022
Omar Siddiqui

We are excited to announce that the Solitaire Blitz beta is now officially available on the Apple Store as well as Google Play! You can download it in most geographies outside the US here.

Solitaire Blitz features classic Solitaire gameplay with dynamic twists including tournaments, challenges, and daily rewards - all with Web3 features like fungible tokens and other exciting gameplay that is coming soon. Play to relax or play to earn - your choice.  Most importantly, have fun with it!

With the community's help, we are looking forward to sailing through the beta phase quickly. If you encounter bugs or have other feedback, please let us know on Discord.

Please note that as mentioned above, this app is not available in the US, Canada, UK, China, Russia and some other geographies. Don't worry, we will be coming to these other markets as soon as possible.

Also, we are in a beta phase and the fungible token in the app is on Testnet.  It will NOT have any value and cannot be bought and sold and it will be wiped out when we go live on MainNet. Regardless, the community's help in playing and ensuring a great game here before we eventually launch our production token is much appreciated!

Any other questions? Let us know on Discord.