Building a Web3 games platform for everyone
February 1, 2022
Omar Siddiqui

We've been building casual, community-centric games for mass audiences for over a decade, from Facebook Canvas to iOS and Android.  We've entertained over 300 million players, with numerous games reaching the Top 10 Grossing charts on all platforms.

Every game we've built has been powered by internal tools. Our platform technology takes care of everything outside the core game - from leaderboards and viral features to user acquisition, monetization, merchandising, and live operations.

We set out on a journey with Joyride two years ago to make our platform infrastructure available to every game creator for the next generation of community-centric mobile games, powered by Web3. With features like playable NFT's and blockchain token economies, creators can align with their communities in unprecedented ways.

We are excited to launch our website publicly today to share what we're building. Browse our site to discover our platform and initial games launching on our platform. If you have questions or projects on which you'd like to partner, join our Discord community or reach out to us here.

We're very excited to be on this journey with you - stay tuned for more!