I really want to contact you. How do I get in touch?

You can get in touch with our team by emailing help@onjoyride.com. But we strongly suggest running through these FAQs as most frequent questions are addressed here.

What can you do on Joyride?

There are a ton of fun things to do on Joyride!

  • Play along with our community in our live shows for a chance to win real money, keys, and bragging rights!
  • Create shows and invite all your friends to join your show
  • Connect with your friends during the show and play as a team over video chat
  • Interact with the community in text chat and make new friends
  • Start a group video chat and play trivia and other fun games with your friends
Does Joyride have social media?
Prizes and Payouts
Can I win real money on Joyride?

Yes! Once you've won $25 or more, you will be able to withdraw your cash winnings. You can do so by tapping your profile gif in the upper left corner of the home screen, selecting 'Check Settings' from the popup, and then tapping the 'Your Winnings' menu item. This will format an email to our support team with all relevant account information. All you'll need to do is, fill in your PayPal account ID, and press send!

What else can I win?

Play special shows to win keys. You can then use keys to play special shows, and you can use keys for special powers in shows!

How do I get paid?

We make our payments via PayPal. You can easily create a PayPal account here.

Can I use one Paypal ID to cash out winnings for multiple accounts?

No. There must be a one-to-one relationship between your PayPal ID and your Joyride account. Payout requests from PayPal IDs associated with more than one Joyride account will be denied.

What if I don't have PayPal?

At the moment, you will need access to a PayPal account in order to get paid. But don't worry - if you don't have one right now, your winnings will stay safe and secure in your Joyride account until you're able to withdraw them.

How long does it take for me to get paid?

Typically we aim to get the cash in your hand within 5-7 days of the request. If your cashout request has been pending for over a week, please contact support via help@onjoyride.com for an update.

If I answer a prize/key question incorrectly, but use a key to stay in, do I still get the prize/keys from that question?

Unfortunately you must correctly answer prize/key questions in order to earn the reward. While using a key on a prize/key question will allow you to stay in the game, it will not earn you the prize/key.

What are the shows?

We currently have ten shows in our lineup: Quizzo, Music Mania, Trivia Crush, Film Frenzy, Sold!, Top Pop, Superfan, Dream Date, The Crush, and Drawzzle.

What is Quizzo?

Answer 12 trivia questions without getting eliminated! Don't worry - you can use a key if you get one (and only one!) wrong. Look out for prize questions, themed shows, and tournament shows.

What is Music Mania?

Can you recognize a song from just a few seconds of audio? If you think you can, then check out Music Mania! Correctly identify 12 different songs from 10 second audio clips. But make sure you don't get eliminated - you can only use one key to get back in the game!

What is Trivia Crush?

It's trivia… but with a twist! Answer 9 qualifying questions as fast as you can - the faster you answer, the more points you get. Use a key to freeze your score (and you get to use more than one!). If you score 60 points or higher, you qualify for the elimination round! Be careful on these final 3 questions, because there are no keys to save you if you answer wrong. Make sure to play with your friends and collaborate to answer each question.

What is Film Frenzy?

Can you recognize a film from just a few seconds of a video clip? If you think you can, then check out Film Frenzy! Correctly identify 12 video clips… and make sure you don't get eliminated along the way! You can use only one key to get back in the game.

What is Sold!?

Do you have a knack for pricing crazy items? If you do, then Sold is the game for you! We'll show you 8 products, and you'll have 30 seconds to view the item, listen to the clues, and place your bid. If you guess the exact price, you get 10 points. If you guess two prices to either side of the exact price, you'll get 5 points. Don't forget - use the multiplier for 1 key, and the final question is double points. Anyone who gets to 60 points wins!

What is TopPop?

Kylie or Kendall? Kittens or Puppies? Boxers or Briefs? Make your voice heard in our brand new polling game! Answer 15 questions as fast as you can to see if your choice is the most popular. You've got 7 seconds to make each choice, and you'll get points for how quickly you answer, but only if your choice is the most popular! Use a multiplier for 1 key to double your points on any question. Anyone who gets to 80 points wins!

What is Dream Date?

Are you a born matchmaker? Play along with our guests as they swipe on 6 dating profiles! LEFT means NO, and RIGHT means yes. Each profile is worth 10 points, and if you guess the final choice correctly, you get 20 points! Just earn 60 points to win!

What is The Crush?

Are you a love expert? Play along as we interview two potential dates for our guest and try to guess whose answer the guest will choose! Each choice is worth 10 points, and if you guess the final choice correctly, you get 20 points! Just earn 70 points to win.

What is Drawzzle?

Love pictionary? Then you'll love Drawzzle! Use the host's sketches as clues to guess the target words, using the letter bank to spell it out. Be careful not to get eliminated along the way - you can only use 1 key per game to jump back in! Only available to iOS users at the moment.

What are Mini Shows?

Some shows can be run as Mini Shows, with fewer questions and a Community Challenger! Check in for the opportunity to Challenge and win more keys, and make friends!

What time are shows?
  • We post an up to date schedule on the home screen of the app. You can check what's coming up there or on our social accounts.
  • Check in anytime our Primetime shows aren’t live to join Creator shows
What are Select shows?

Select shows are special shows that require keys to start playing. Select shows typically have higher prizes, fewer players, and bigger payouts! Inviting friends or signing up for a key subscription are sure fire ways to keep your key count high enough to join every Select show!

What are 'Squad' shows?

Squad shows are special shows that require friends to start playing. Get your friends to download the app, or make new ones in the show chat. Just like Select shows, Squad shows typically have higher prizes, fewer players, and bigger payouts!

Are there any game shows that don't cost keys?

Yes! We have multiple free shows every single day. Play our free shows regularly and earn keys on Key Questions and in special events!

How can I send Gifts to the Host or Creator?
  • Tap the Gift icon in the bottom menu in any show to explore the Gift options!
  • What are Achievement Gifts?
    • In Creator Shows, the Creator will receive bonus gifts from Joyride for hitting certain milestones in a show. These milestones include:
      • Keys spent in the show
      • Gifts received from users in the show
      • Sparkles sent by users in the show
      • Friend Requests sent by users to the Creator in the show
How can I Broadcast on Joyride?
  • We offer several ways for users to be featured on camera on Joyride to showcase their skills, entertain their fans, and compete for extra rewards. These include our Challenger Program and our Create Mode feature.
  • When you go live, make sure to ask your fans to 'friend' you and rate you - the more friends and the better rating you have, the more times you will get to be on camera!
How can I Create A Show?
  • Create Your Own Show to start your show on-demand, featuring you as a Creator! Don't forget to bring your friends - you will need to get 3 friends into your show for the game to begin.
  • Remember, you can only create shows from 7 am - 4 pm and 7 pm to 12 am PST
  • Right now, you can create Quizzo, Music Mania, TopPop, Trivia Crush, Film Frenzy, and Sold shows… more coming soon!
  • Please note that while our methods of calculating the winning answer in poll-based games are always based on real data, they may differ between different game modes.
What are the best Practices for Broadcasters?
  • During the entire show:
    • Generally - be engaging, energetic, and fun :slightly_smiling_face:
    • Make sure you are centered in the frame, with your whole face showing
    • Be in a quiet area so your voice is audible
    • Make sure the room is bright enough for your viewers to see you clearly!
  • During questions, while the timer is active:
    • Read the question
    • Read the answer options
    • Share commentary or personal experiences relating to the question
    • Shout out commenters
  • During questions, after the timer has expired:
    • Read the correct answer
    • Share which answer you chose
    • Explain why you chose which answer you did
    • Read out the results (how many right, how many wrong)
What are the expectations regarding Integrity of play?
  • User created shows are subject to the same guidelines as are our normal shows.
  • Broadcasters should not dictate which answer to choose, encourage their viewers to answer in any systematic way, provide answers to every single question, or otherwise play unfairly.
  • Violation of the above may result in the suspension of broadcasting privileges without warning.
What are the expectations regarding conduct while broadcasting?
  • We hold broadcasters to a high standard! While broadcasting on Joyride, please refrain from:
    • Using explicit language
    • Consuming drugs or alcohol
    • Showing explicit images
  • Violation of the above may result in the suspension of broadcasting privileges without warning.
How can I become a Challenger in a Mini Show?
  • In our Mini Shows, we offer Creators the chance to play the show live on camera for extra rewards. We will be selecting the most popular Creators from your Created Shows to be featured in our scheduled Mini Shows
  • If you are interested in being added to our list of Challengers, please email help@onjoyride.com with your username and a few sentences explaining why you should be included in the program!
  • This feature is available to subscribers only
  • Please note that Partner and Streamer level Broadcasters do not receive cash compensation for Keys spent by viewers of Joyride sanctioned Challenger shows
How can I become a Joyride Partner?
  • We will select the best of the best broadcasters Creators to become Joyride Partners. Partners get special features and also can make money for keys used by viewers during their streams.
  • Once you qualify, you can To become a Partner, apply via email at help@onjoyride.com. Please include your Joyride username, and a few sentences explaining why you make a great candidate for verification!
  • Some of the criteria we will be evaluating:
    • Number of friends
    • Number of shows hosted
    • Average viewers per show
    • Star rating
    • Entertainment value of your shows
    • Adherence to Joyride community guidelines and spirit
What does each tier in the ‘Broadcaster Program’ mean?


This is the tier at which all Joyride players begin.

Rookie Perks:


  • 5x prize if you win your own show!

Show format(s):

  • Free with 1x Key Prize


If you’ve maintained a 4+ star rating, hosted 5+ shows, and gained 100+ friends, you can become a Streamer.

Streamer Perks:


  • 5x prize if you win your own show!
  • Earn cash for every key spent on Gifts in your shows

Show Format(s):

  • Free with 1x Key Prize
  • Bonus Round with 4x Key Prize

Priority support:

  • Quick cash out
  • Expedited help


The Partner tier is the highest broadcasting tier on Joyride. If you’ve maintained a 4.5+ star rating, hosted 100+ shows, and gained 1,000+ friends,you can become a Partner.

Partner Perks:


  • 5x prize if you win your own show!
  • Earn cash for keys users spend in your shows, including keys spent on:
    • Bonus Rounds
    • Lives/power-ups
    • Gifts

Show format(s):

  • Free with 1x Key PrizeFree
  • Be a Challenger in Mini Shows
  • Bonus Round with 4x Key Prize
  • Bonus Round with a Cash Prize (one show every 3 hours)

Priority support:

  • Quick cash-out
  • Expedited help

Can I decline to sign the Terms and Conditions?
Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions is entirely optional. However, in order to pay you, we’ll need you to accept the Broadcasting Terms and Conditions. Without accepting our Broadcasting Terms and Conditions, we cannot pay you, nor can we advance you to Partner status.
Why is my Partner Application still pending?

We carefully review every application from prospective Partners. In addition to looking over a number of relevant data points, we’ll also be considering a number of more subjective points such as entertainment value, conduct, etc.

If your application is pending, it is either still being reviewed, else it isn’t quite up to our standards of Partnership yet.

Can my broadcaster tier be demoted?
Yes - violations of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines may result in a demotion in your broadcasting tier or possibly a total revocation of broadcast privileges, depending on the severity of the violation.
What are Tournaments and how can I join?
  • During a Tournament, Creators will compete for the most keys spent in their shows to win a cash reward
  • Most Tournaments are open to Streamers and Partners, though some may have special requirements
  • The Prize Pool will be split by the top 5 Creators (1st: 45%, 2nd: 25%, 3rd: 15%, 4th: 10%, 5th: 5%)!
  • The official results will be announced within 15 minutes of the end of a Tournament.
How is my score calculated in a Tournament?

Your score is determined by the number of Keys spent by viewers in the shows you create (excluding ‘Welcome Squad’ shows) during the timeframe of the Tournament. Key spend categories include:

  • Bonus round entry
  • Powerups
  • Gifts

Only shows that start within the Tournament timeframe will be counted towards you final score.

What happens if multiple creators tie in a Tournament?

In the event of a tie, the prize money allotted to the rank on which the tie occurred will be added to the prize money allotted to the proceeding ranks equaling the count of Creators in the tie. This sum will then be evenly divided among the tied Creators.

For example, if Creators A, B, and C are tied for rank 3, and the Tournament pays out the top 4 ranking Creators, then the payout for Creators A, B, and C will be: (Payout for rank 3 + Payout for rank 4)/3.

Where can I see my earnings from winning a Tournament?
Tournament winnings are added to the ‘Earnings’ section of the Settings page.
Can I get disqualified from a Tournament?
Inappropriate conduct or suspected manipulation of results during a Tournament will result in disqualification. Disqualified Creators are not entitled to a refund on their entry fee. Creators may be disqualified for violating the Joyride Terms of Service, or the Joyride Community Guidelines.
Can I get a refund for my Tournament entry fee?
All entries are final. Entry fees are not subject to refund.
I'm concerned about an underage player on the app. What do I do?

No one younger than 13 is supposed to be using Joyride. If you notice anyone in the app that you think is less than 13 years old, please contact help@onjoyride.com with their username so we can look into it!

What if I want to stream from my laptop via OBS?

Explore these resources:

Figure out a creative technique to stream Joyride? Email us! help@onjoyride.com.

What do keys do?

On Joyride, keys are what you spend to get special stuff. Keys can get you:

  • An extra life while you play Quizzo, Music Mania, Film Frenzy, or Drawzzle! When you get a question wrong or run out of time, you will be eliminated from the game. However, once per game you can use a key to buy an extra life and jump back into the game. Keys cannot be used on question 12 (the final question).
  • A freeze powerup when you play Trivia Crush! Tap the timer to activate the powerup and get the maximum points per question in the qualifying round. The points will stop decreasing once activated and give you time to think about your answer. And the best part, you can use it more than once!
  • A multiplier powerup when you play Sold, Top Pop, Dream Date, or The Crush! Tap the timer to activate the powerup and double your points per correct question. You can use as many as you want per game, except for the final question in Sold, Dream Date, or The Crush.
  • Admission into exclusive games! Collect keys and use them to enter Select shows.
How do I get keys?

There are a number of ways to get keys on Joyride!

  • Invite your friends to join Joyride! During the registration process, new users can enter a referral code. If they enter your username as their referral code, you will both get 1 extra key each. If your friend forgot to enter a code during registration, they can go to their settings at any time, and select 'Enter Referral Code' to add a code. You can only enter a single referral code, but there is no limit to how many friends you can refer...so if you have 100 friends, you can get 100 keys! Invite away and make sure they use your user ID as their referral code!
  • Play shows! We give away free keys on our shows every single day. Simply answer one of the 'Key Questions' correctly, and you'll get a key! Or, join a show with a key prize!
  • Get a Joyride Membership! When you're on the home screen, tap your key balance and open up the option to get more keys by subscribing to a Joyride Membership. Confirm your plan and you'll be on your way with more keys every week!
  • Check into the show lobby! We run special key offers that you can learn about here. Don't forget to join early.
What are the benefits of Joyride Membership?
  • Lower cashout limits! For normal players, the limit is $25 to cash out - but for subscribers, cash out once your winnings reach $10!
  • 50% off entry to Select shows!
  • Receive keys every week to use in shows and to enter special shows :)
  • Exclusive permanent 'Crowns' to display next to your username when you win a show
How do I cancel my Joyride subscription?


  • Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store
  • Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  • Tap View Apple ID. You might need to authenticate your Apple ID
  • Tap Subscriptions
  • Tap the subscription that you want to manage
  • Use the options to manage your subscription


  • Launch the Google Play Store app
  • Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions and tap on the app of the subscription you'd like to cancel
  • Alternatively, tap Menu -> My Apps -> Tap the app of the subscription you'd like to cancel -> Tap the app's details page
  • Tap "Cancel" and "Yes" to confirm the cancellation
  • Now, the status of this Subscription will be changed from Subscribed to Cancelled
Why do I see a subscription charge even though I only signed up for the free trial?

You could see a payment authorization from Google Play or iTunes up to 72 hours before your current subscription or free trial expires. You won't be charged until the actual renewal date. You can also cancel your subscription before it expires. If you feel that there has been an unauthorized charge, please contact our support team via help@onjoyride.com so they can assist you!

Why is there an icon next to my name?

If you have an active Joyride membership, a nifty crown will appear next to your username after you have won your first game! You can upgrade your crown by winning more games. To check your total win count, navigate to the main app page, tap your profile image in the upper left corner, and look for the number next to your username!

If you are a Joyride Partner, an official checkmark will appear next to your username to show off your status. Check your Settings for more information on how to become a Partner!

What do the different crowns signify?

There are 5 different crowns that active Joyride members can earn by winning games. You'll get the first crown when you win your first game, and you can unlock upgraded crowns as you win more games. You'll be awarded the final crown after winning your 20th Joyride show. 🙂

For which Creator tier(s) are Creator subscriptions available?

Creator subscriptions are reserved for Partners. If you are a Partner and do not see a Creator subscription option for your account, please contact partners@onjoyride.com.

How much money do Partners make for each of their Supporters?

Creators earn 50% of the fees paid by each Supporter (minus fees imposed by the app stores) at each point of renewal, until the Supporter cancels.

How can I unsubscribe from a Creator?
  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  3. Tap View Apple ID. You might need to authenticate your Apple ID
  4. Tap Subscriptions
  5. Tap the ‘Support’ subscriptions that you want to manage
  6. Use the options to manage your subscription

Initiating a cancellation via the steps above will cancel your most recent subscription. To cancel a different subscription, please email help@onjoyride.com and let us know the username of the Creator who you no longer wish to support.

How do I add friends on Joyride?

Granting us access to your contacts makes it a breeze to connect with your friends! We'll find anyone you know that already has Joyride and add them to your home screen, and we'll also make it so you can invite any friends who do not have Joyride yet with a quick tap. You can also use the search bar at the top of the home screen to track down your friends via their Joyride username.

How do I remove friends from my contacts list?

Simply scroll down to the 'Friends' section of the home screen, find the contact you'd like to remove, tap on their profile GIF, and select 'Unfriend' from the pop-up.

Why do you need video and mic permissions?

Certain experiences on Joyride are centered around video calls with friends. We only ask for camera and mic permissions so that you can participate in things like group video chat, and team play during shows. Your video is never shown outside of your private group chat, and can be turned off at any time by entering into Ghost Mode.

What can I do in video chat with friends?
  • Team up! Recruit up to 3 friends to compete in Shows as a team.
  • Hang out! Get together with up to 8 friends and catch up over video chat.
  • Play games! Can't get enough of our Shows? Call up your friends and keep the party going with one of our video-chat games.
How do I join a team or invite my friends to join my team in a show?
  • When your friends are active in a show and not 'Ghosted', they will appear with a 'Join' button under their profile GIFs in the social menu inside a show. You can tap on 'Join' to initiate a video call with any of your online friends and get ready to put your heads together to win some money!
  • When your friends are offline, they appear with an 'Add' button under their profile GIFs in the social menu inside a show. You can tap on 'Add' to request them to join your team via a notification. Inviting more friends will increase your chances of playing our shows as a team!
Can I join a team in the middle of a show?
  • In most of our games, you certainly can! Your friends' help is only a tap away at any point during a show.
  • In Trivia Crush only, you have to join a team before the show starts - you answer each question as a team, so you should start the game as a team!
  • The winning prize amount will be awarded individually to team members who win the show.
Is my contact, video and audio data safe with Joyride?

We at Joyride are committed to protecting your data and privacy. Rest assured that we DO NOT record any video or audio conversations that you have with your friends inside the app - your contacts, mic and camera permissions are completely private and secure! Granting these permissions simply helps us provide you with a superior experience, by unlocking features that can help you win more and have even more fun with friends!

Tech/Account Issues
What can I do to minimize lag and freezing?
  • Joyride's live games are best enjoyed while stationary, fully charged, connected to strong wifi, and on the latest app version. We suggest checking your wifi connection, battery power, and app version prior to playing and connecting/charging/updating as needed prior to joining a show!
  • If you'd like to compete throughout an entire gameshow, we recommend that you do not leave the app or game room while the show is still live. This may result in a disconnection and a premature elimination.
  • If the host's video feed freezes during the show, we will attempt to reconnect until we are successful in doing so. Leaving the game room or closing the app will not help to fix this problem and may result in you being eliminated. In the event of a video freeze, you will still be able to input answers while we attempt to reconnect, although we certainly understand that it's not nearly as fun!
I got banned…

If your account is suspended, our team has detected a violation of our Community Guidelines or Contest rules. Example infractions include:

  • Key fraud
  • Multiple accounts
  • Inappropriate behavior in chat
  • Scaled collusion to impact show outcome through answer sharing or manipulation
  • Bot use

Please keep in mind that common sense should always prevail; a behavior that violates guidelines in spirit can still be grounds for suspension.

At Joyride, we're committed to building a destination for all our players - old and new, serious and casual. We don't tolerate behavior that unbalances the community due to abusive personal conduct or manipulative gameplay.

Please be aware that a suspension does not happen lightly and is typically not rolled back. If you feel there's been an error, please feel free to send us information and we will forward to the relevant team. Please note that you will only hear from us if there is a change and otherwise should not expect to get any further updates.

I got muted…

Our moderators join each and every show to keep the community safe and positive for everyone. Moderators will mute chatters who violate our chat community standards. The most common reasons for muting are:

  • Spamming
  • Use of profanity or mentions of explicit subject matter
  • Solicitation or sharing of personal information (such as phone numbers or email address)
  • Repeated rude or abrasive behavior
  • Excessive negativity
  • Aggression towards other players or the host
Still have questions?

Our support team is eager to help! You can get in touch with them via email: help@onjoyride.com